You'll find here mostly simple scripts that I like and maybe that you'll like too.

  • nokjurnal: a blog written in HTML::Mason and OO Perl. Simple and just about all I need.
    Latest release 0.1 2005 June 29
  • collect: a humble file collection utility that allows you to manage lists of files or directories on your filesystem and to access them in a convenient way. It integrates well with xargs to do neat command line fu. It also integrates crudely with the gnome panel through a ruby script which is beyond humble approaching humiliating kloooooodge. You can drag and drop from nautilus to the default collection.
    Latest release 0.1 2005 July 11

  • shuffle: a command line file shuffler written with the ipod shuffle in mind. Give it a list of directories to recurse into or files and it will randomly select files until a specified size has been reached. shell script glue automatically determines the available space on your shuffle, runs shuffle and runs rebuild_db after it's done. integrates well with collect.